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Hey hunters! ​ I’m one of the makers of the MJML app. ​ 3 months ago, MJML was posted on PH https://www.producthunt.com/tech... and received good feedback. One of the drawbacks though is that there was a small cost of dev environment setup to use it on your desktop / offline. ​ That’s why we started the app and then decided to include additional features such as the gallery of templates, live-preview rendering, sending mjml as an email directly from the app and saving your templates as Github gists. ​ I hope you'll like it!
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@weshguillaume I spent the weekend learning how to design with MJML, did a few dozen emails with it. Loved it! Now you guys drop this beauty! You've made my day! Thank you guys!
@weshguillaume Well Done, definately I will use MJML.
These guys have done it again. Amazing framework that I have started to use for all of my email marketing needs. Just started using this application and can quickly see how this will get any novice programmer hooked. No need to get technical and generate server listeners from a command line, this application does all of the work for you. Great work!
@connor_phillips I remember you had done a great tutorial about how to install and use MJML (http://www.connordphillips.com/2...), this app definitely makes it easier to get started without totally replacing the environment setup as it can still be useful for certain use cases! Thanks again or your help and feedback
@nico_g I agree. I look forward to playing around with it!
Love this product!
Ohhhh I need this!! This would have saved us hours when we created our transactional emails
This makes it really easy to make fully responsive emails