The open source framework for responsive emails

MJML leverages high level components to abstract the complexity of responsive email. It embeds all of the hacks needed to make emails responsive everywhere, from Outlook 2003 to Inbox by Gmail: conditional comments, media queries and fallbacks. Based on a semantic syntax, it’s very easy to learn, use and maintain.

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Been looking for something like this for awhile. When building transactional emails into my apps, I would struggle at the designs because it just takes too long to build one. I usually end up just running with plain text, which pains me. This looks like the solution, but it would be nice to see more fleshed out templates vs. some columns/sections and lorem ipsum. With that said, there's currently no other real solution other than copying existing templates from Mailchimp, so I'll absolutely give this a try. Thanks for the great work!
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@jdchizzle thanks for the feedback Jerome! We'll add more polished templates in the next days/weeks. Did you have the opportunity to try mjml further?
I'm really excited about this. I'm definitely going to play with this in my free time.
@jediklai Thanks Diogo, We'd love to hear your feedback
This is fantastic. I spend a large portion of my time creating email templates for clients. I am looking forward to testing this out.
This looks pretty fantastic. My biggest issue so far has been their demo examples in the documentation don't respond.
@iamunr do you mean the “try it live” buttons in the documentation to try specific MJML components or templates? If so, I just tried them and they seem to work :)
@shub_s Inside the documentation, there were a few examples that included images. When we previewed their `try it live` versions, the images broke on the mobile resolution. :) We're running the latest chrome beta nightly.