The first framework to write responsive emails easily


Jerome Choo
@jdchizzle · Product Guy with Tinkering Tendencies
Been looking for something like this for awhile. When building transactional emails into my apps, I would struggle at the designs because it just takes too long to build one. I usually end up just running with plain text, which pains me. This looks like the solution, but it would be nice to see more fleshed out templates vs. some columns/sections and lorem … See more
Diogo Belém
@jediklai · Front-end designer
I'm really excited about this. I'm definitely going to play with this in my free time.
Laszlo Levente Mári
@noxowe · Dev / Consultant
@rdbrdd · Owner of Redbearded
This is fantastic. I spend a large portion of my time creating email templates for clients. I am looking forward to testing this out.
Paul unr Morrison
@iamunr · Web Developer, Loot Market
This looks pretty fantastic. My biggest issue so far has been their demo examples in the documentation don't respond.