Mizzen+Main Henley

The best long-sleeved shirt that will ever cover your skin

As someone who's had over 3,000 shirts in my closet since 2008, I think I know a thing or two about 'em. The Mizzen+Main Henley is just plain awesome. It has super-fancy moisture wicking fibers and stuff, but more importantly, it's just damn comfortable, ridiculously soft and it has fun little hooks on the upper sleeve that can keep the sleeves rolled. If you're looking for one of the best long-sleeved shirts that will ever cover your epidermis, this one gets my X-Large stamp of approval.
Appreciate it, Jason! We wanted to bring our performance fabrics to another shirt beyond our signature dress shirts, and the response to these henleys has been fantastic, especially in the MLB!
@kevinsmu Are your designs all 100% Poly or a blend? The wicking / wash and wear usually come from being Poly or some kind of Poly/Viscose blend.
@utekkare our henleys are a blend!
Why do you feel the Henley is the right shirt to start with? Its an unusual choice, and is not the normal "First Shirt" in everyone's closet?
@utekkare I'd say more of a great all around shirt. It can be dressed up or worn casually!
@utekkare I rarely wear button-up shirts, so this is a great "dressy" shirt if I need one (which I rarely do). But it's also a really comfortable shirt that can keep your arms warm :)