Mizzen and Main

Moisture wicking, wrinkle-free, stretchy clothing for men

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Kevin Lavelle
Kevin LavelleMaker@kevinsmu · CEO and Founder, Mizzen+Main
Appreciate the nod, Jonathan, and all of the support. We're proud to be changing the face of menswear. Let me know if you have any questions!
jonathanHunter@pomajp · founder/ceo, rocketcode.io
Hey guys - So, I saw Ministry of Supply on here the other day...and I never even thought of these products being on product hunt...so I'd never posted Mizzen and Main before. (Disclosure: I am friends and business partners with the co-founding CMO, @web) I posted a comparison of some leaders in the "performance menswear" as a related link above. Very obviously, M&M and MoS are both in here. They both have great products, and I figured the community would appreciate this. I have a gingham shirt from M&M (this one, I think: http://mizzenandmain.com/collect...) and it's amazing. It "feels" (to wear, and to the touch) better than any dress shirt I've ever seen...but to the eye, it's completely indistinguishable from a normal dress shirt (something that I was very skeptical of). I also, just through Twitter and thorugh backing their Kickstarter, know that @kevinsmu is their founder and CEO, and he's been great to interact with from a service perspective. I'm sure he'd love to get in here and answer any questions we'd all have!
Mattan Griffel
Mattan Griffel@mattangriffel · CEO, One Month
I own one of these and it is amazing. I sleep in it sometimes because they're that comfortable.
Jason Zook
Jason Zook@jasondoesstuff · I do weird things on the Internet.
Love Mizzen+Main! Backed them on Kickstarter and own a bunch of their shirts. Really dig their outlook on business, running a fashion company, and using great content to sell their products.
Zalmi Duchman
Zalmi Duchman@zalmid · Food-Tech Entrepreneur
My favorite shirt