Mixtape App

Cross platform playlist collaboration

With Mixtape, you never have to stop dancing.
Mixtape is an app designed to allow you to create playlists between Apple Music and Spotify. Create a playlists with your best friend or a group of friends regardless of your streaming service.
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Austin Astorga
I am an iOS developer!
Story: It all started in high school, as all great things do. Music was essential everyday, and so was finding new sounds to listen to. But as a wise man once once said, "What good is music if you have no one to share it with". And this man was couldn’t have said it better. My best friend has Spotify and I have Apple Music. Sharing new songs was always such a hassle. I would send him a link and he would hit me back with "I deleted the Apple Music app...". Well it just seemed like we were drifting farther and farther away as our music taste developed without one another's influence. After high school there was a spark. A ray of hope. A gleam of light. Maybe all was not lost. We decided to put an end to this music version of Romeo and Juliet. Mixtape was born and it started off as what ifs. "What if we made an app?" "What if it had this?" "What if we can somehow mix the two?" "What if I can send you a Spotify link and it translates it to an Apple Music song, and vice versa." After about 3 years of off and on designing and developing, iterations, and a whole lot of “Test Playlists” on the app, we had it. This is only the beginning. tl;dr: long time friends made an app to share playlists between different platforms, with a lot more cooking in the kitchen. P.S.- Believe it or not, we named the failed version of this app, Bridge. Then we thought it was even more clever to name it Wave. You know like sound waves but just Wave. We even had a wave logo. Wowww we've grown.
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