A connected LED stick to help everyone mix perfect cocktails

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Hey Everyone! Charlotte and I are the makers of @MixStik. Some of you might remember us from a previous project called B4RM4N back in 2014. B4RM4N wasn't successfully funded but we didn’t give up and pivoted on to a much simpler solution: MixStik. The goal is the same : allow anyone to make perfect drinks, no prior experience needed. This time we tried to make it more accessible, flexible and most importantly more affordable at $39. The way it works is super simple: -Connect it to your smartphone via bluetooth and place it into a glass or a shaker. -Pick a recipe on the app (iOS and Android) and just follow the colors from the 24 LEDs lights on the stick. Each ingredient has a unique color. -Pour the ingredient until you've reach the top of that color on the stick, and repeat for each step. It's like a ruler, for ingredients! The app will hold around 100 recipes at the start and users will be able to create new ones and share them. You can also control the stick with your Apple Watch to keep your smartphone safe from splashes. There are a lot of other side features so check out the Kickstarter page our just ask me if you want more details. Cheers! Raphael MixStik co-founder
@r4ph_t from a former bartender I absolutely love this! Trickiest part is accounting for ice (large cubes, crushed, etc) ... How do you do that?
Thanks @nadavweinberg. From a bartender perspective that might not be "by the book" : we add the ice last in our recipes so it doesn't interfere with other ingredients volumes.
It's a cool product that works pretty well :). Can you adjust the recipes to your preferences?
Thanks @jorisrenaud! Yes there are a few of more advanced features like customizing recipes to your taste and save them. You can also calibrate a glass or a shaker to get more precise quantities and save them. To do so you basically use the stick as a LED ruler and measure the height, top and bottom diameter with sliders on the app.
Does it take into account how big your glass is?
@gpat_uk you can choose a glass shape when you select a recipe or you can calibrate your glass or shaker with the stick.
This looks fantastic, great job!
Great job Raphael. Clever and simple product, I should definitively use it instead of mixing approximatively my cocktails all the time. Congrats on reaching your goal on kickstarter.