Mixmax Sequences

Easy & powerful drip campaigns for Gmail, Inbox & Salesforce

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Ahoy! Mixmax is a communications platform to help people communicate more effectively, especially outside of their immediate team. Today we’re focused on sales, marketing, and recruiting orgs to help them connect with customers, leads and candidates. Automation is core to our mission and we’re excited that our Sequences product puts your outreach on autopilot. All the Mixmax features you love work directly in Sequences: tracking & analytics, CRM/Salesforce integration, instant scheduling, shared team templates and more! For new customers in the ProductHunt community we’re glad to be able to offer one month off any paid plan: https://mixmax.com/onemonthfree#...
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We have been using Mixmax at Shoflo since the early days and it's been a huge enhancement to our Sales & Marketing efforts for auto reminders, team templates, etc. Sequences are brilliant & super simple to setup and go. These guys push updates what seems like weekly 🙏 (keep em coming) Couple things I would love to see in sequences: 1. Ability to add sequence step AFTER running the initial sequence. 2. Unsubscribe button option.
@johnalxndr thank you & nice! Yeah working on 1 and 2, in that prio order :bow:
@johnalxndr @mixmaxhq Yes! Great idea - unsubscribe button! I'd probably agree with #1, too, if I got that feature going. And so true, always with the updates!
I've been using Mixmax for about a year now, and really love it. I've watched it grow from a basic email tracking widget to a full scope email platform. How cool! Sequences, specifically, has become a major part of my marketing tool kit. I use it in several ways, both for big and small outbound marketing campaigns, and even for transactional stuff (e.g. sending out beta tokens, reminders, etc.). Their support is great, and while they've had a few bugs here and there during the upgrade (e.g. reports showing 100% open rates, 110% reply rates), I'm very satisfied with the product. I came here just to let everyone know, straight from a paying customer, Sequences makes the Paid tier of Mixmax worth it by itself. I never thought I'd write such a glowing testimonial without prompting, but here we are. I love the product and hope others try it.
Oh and one feature request: integrate with SalesforceIQ!
@mcwbernz thanks for your enthusiasm WB! 👍
I installed it not very long ago, I was always a bit holding back on a plugin messing with my Gmail interface. But man, I should've installed it way sooner. My Gmail is now on steroids! Sequences is an awesome improvement on the mail merge feature.
@mdekuijper Nice, more to come:)
@mdekuijper Yup it's a great product alright! I moved away when I switched to Safari but it just wasn't the same so I'm back to Chrome + Mixmax. Boom!
Love this new feature guys! 🚀 Really good job, your rock Mixmax's team 💪
@tombenattar Thanks Tom! On reste a ton 👂!