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#5 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2015
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Mixmax unlocks the future of email. It’s the ultimate productivity suite that lets you do everything you do on the web directly in email. We just released a 2.0 with these major time-saving features: - Send Google Calendar event invitations within Gmail - Propose meeting times, without risk of double booking - Set reminders to follow-up on important threads - Send later - Attach files from Dropbox + Box seamlessly. We’d love to hear what you think and answer any questions! Thank you :)
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@olofster Huge fan of MixMax! Question thought - having a had time finding my account information after signing-up. Wanted to try out the special offer you are extending to Product Hunters but aren't 100% it worked/what happened now that I've signed up.
@jadenyc Hi Jade, thanks for the ping think it was just a live sync issue that we now resolved via email:)
@olofster great stuff! adding everything I like about my gmail plugins into one plugin!
I've been using Mixmax for about a month now and am completely addicted. Single biggest time saver I've found in the past year– hours back in to each month.
@gerstenzang big bow from the entire team!
I've been using Mixmax v.1 and it is, by far, the simplest and most elegant email tracker that I've tried. The new features in Mixmax v.2 makes it a fuller Gmail productivity product — great job!
@chubert ah thank Albert! great to hear
Looks like a great combination of other productivity tools. Hope this comes to Inbox by Google!
I used to use Mixmax - I uninstalled when I couldn't figure how to selectively activate features. I have so many Chrome extensions (Boomerang, labs, Crystal, Rapportive) that I didn't want some of the duplicate functionality of Mixmax. Is there anyway this is fixed (or always existed and I didn't know)?
@courtlandalves @ryanstenson I originally had a similar issue. Decided to delete Boomerang (still use labs, Crystal and Rapportive) and now there is no going back for me. Love Mixmax.
@daniel_licht @ryanstenson @courtlandalves Great to hear Daniel and yeah Courtland - we have similar functionality to a lot of those so hope you'll find our implementation sharper:)
@ryanstenson your wish = our command ;p
@olofster @ryanstenson Thanks for the advice, I'll think about dropping Boomerang. Thanks!
Productivity went sky high with this. I love it and use it daily. Tracking opens + clicks are perfect for me as I'm raising money for Schooold. Great team! Great design! and 1 step ahead of Gmail.
@cedfunches awesome! working hard to keep it up!