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Personalized (bulk) email has never been this easy

#3 Product of the DayNovember 17, 2015
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Pumped to share Mixmax Mail Merge with the community! Our mission is to bring the power of the web to email, and automation is a key component. With Mixmax Mail Merge you can customize hundreds of emails instantly. It’s great for entrepreneurs, sales, recruiting & HR, customer success and marketers, or even just for event invites! All the Mixmax features you love work directly in Mail Merge: tracking, instant scheduling, shared team templates, polls and more. It’s a major time saver. Love to get your feedback!
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@olofster It gets harder and harder to resist Mixmax! This may have been addressed before, but is there any hope of seeing the extension make its way to Safari as well? I prefer it to Chrome and wouldn't want to have to switch back if I can avoid it.
@mostlymarius great to hear! What if we gave you a native app instead? :p
@olofster I actually just used this to do my press release for Pool today, also on PH frontpage, worked like a charm, loved it! Good timing on the update! Good luck with the launch!
@olofster Whaaaaaaat!? Do you mean native native or are you talking about a Chrome app? Colour me very intrigued. :D
@tlangridge fantastic. great to hear!
Here's why this is awesome: there are lots of tricky ways that sending a mass email (say on birthdays, holidays, or to promote your new thing) can get blocked, routed to spam folders, or throttled. This helps those emails get through by sending individual emails from your email address. Presuming your email reputation is good, they'll all look like individual messages to the filters, and your recipients will get what are, effectively, personalized emails from you.
the Mixmax team just keeps shipping solid product updates.
@ianhunter Thanks Ian! We'll continue to impress :)
Just want to share that my product, GMass, provides similar, and actually, additional, functionality. GMass won't work alongside Mixmax though because of how they render the Compose window in Gmail. https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
What's the difference with http://replyapp.io/ ? It's look like they can do more than personalized email.
@virtualflo Hi Florian, I think we're quite different in that we integrate directly into Gmail and Google Inbox to bring you the full power of the web to web. As far as I can tell replyapp can't also be used for your everyday email (with templates, scheduling, tracking, polls etc), which is what our customers up until now have come to love us for. Hope that clarifies!