View and embed Mixer profiles to your website!

Mixlook is a tool to look up channels on Mixer and displays them in a beautifully laid out profile that you can view and embed to your site.
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Hi hunters, Back in the middle of June our team at Orangopus was wondering if it would be plausible to make a profile viewer for Mixer streamers. So we made Mixlook. Since the launch of Mixlook, we have grown into a project that is free and open-source. There's also no need for you to login! v2 has launched! Features: - Direct Profile Links - Embeds - Stats - Dynamic Updates - Social Buttons - About Section See our Mixlook changelog here: https://feedback.orangop.us/chan... Recently we added stats so you can view your level, XP & sparks! In the future we plan on launching a dashboard. As always, thanks to the community for the suggestions you have made to make Mixlook better for streamers! We're always ready to improve it. If you'd like to make suggestions, head to our Feedback Hub: https://feedback.orangop.us/mixlook - Maker of Mixlook