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Hi Andrew. Love Mixergy and your interviews, but honestly you're going about this all wrong. Asking people to provide their e-mail, and then making them wait for a spam newsletter. It is so gimmicky. just give me the content I want. I'm willing to pay for it, but don't try and be clever and trick your users. I hit the back button, as soon as the popup came up asking for name and e-mail. Just charge me, a few bucks, or whatever, I just want the content without the BS.
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@johnny5sf Seems like the wrong venue to call the man out! Andrews stuff is top notch and lots of it is free. The man does need to eat!
@johnny5sf Thought the same thing. And I don't want to wait. Have the time to read or listen now. :)
@johnny5sf the challenge I've had with the 'get 10 interviews on one page' approach is that many people don't listen to them. So I'm testing this 1 at a time approach and I'll see what happens. My audience knows that I love feedback, so if it's better they'll tell me. If it sucks, they'll tell me that too. I'm also going to track downloads to see how many interviews people listen to. If you want to get a bunch of interviews at once, try this http://mixergy.com/podcast You also said you'd pay, if you join Mixergy Premium, you can download everything on my site. Frankly Justin, I love you and if you hate this approach and just want them all, hit me up and I'll find a way to get all the interviews in this series to you. But try this 1 at a time approach. @sachitgupta, who curated the list of interviews with me, put a lot of thought into what we send.
@lekanb Thanks for having my back. It makes me feel less alone as an entrepreneur to have you care about my work that much. I actually appreciate feedback like the kind Justin gave. If enough people feel the way he does, I'll add a note on the page explaining why we chose to send the interviews one at a time. Feedback helps me improve.
@lekanb @andrewwarner Phenomenal replies. I gained a ton of respect for you just now. I just subscribed and I'm excited to tune in to the first episode with Jessica Livingston (@foundersatwork). Added this to my "Tools for Founders" collection btw (http://www.producthunt.com/irvin...)
Andrew has become one of the best interviewers out there. He is forceful enough to drive out insights without being a jerk about it. Whenever I do an interview with him he makes me want to tell more versus being worried that someone is going to try to ambush me. The quality of his interviews are a testament to his approach.
@wilschroter A few weeks ago I called you about an upcoming interviewee and asked you for insight into him/her. You spent time on the phone with me helping me understand how they work and what you're curious about that founder. The fact that you, and other founders, have been willing to have those conversations with me help me make Mixergy interviews into more substantive programs than the usual interviewers who ask questions like, "so, what's your favorite book?"
Mixergy is truly one of the best content hubs out there, especially for founders but basically for anyone, who wants to understand how to build a business in tech. Also, the level of honesty and willingness to share, that Andrew's guest are demonstrating, is unprecedented in the category. I love this product.
I just listened to the first interview from Jessica Livingston and it's great! Thanks to @andrewwarner
@baptistegreve Thanks for saying that, Baptiste. She's the first interviewee that we send out because she's well-known. Check out some of the lesser known founders. One of my favorites is Emmett from TwitchTV. His company is getting a lot of attention because of the sale, but few people know how he did it. You'll get that one soon.
@andrewwarner Thanks for the podcast. Really enjoyed my first one. Is there any chance the transcripts are available for these podcasts?
@andrewwarner @keeranravee Hey Keeran, the transcripts are on the main site on the interview pages. For example, you can find the transcript for the first 3 interviews in the series here: Jessica Livingston, YC: http://mixergy.com/interviews/y-... Drew Houston, Dropbox: http://mixergy.com/interviews/dr... Brian and Joe, Airbnb: http://mixergy.com/interviews/dr...
Love this @andrewwarner you might want to check out Pat Flynn's smart podcast player which will allow you to have all these interviews all on one page. Here's an example: http://www.appmasters.co/app-mar...
@stevepyoung Pat's design is really hot. For this, I'm intentionally trying to give 1 interview at a time to see if we can increase the number of interviews that people listen to.