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I'll up vote anything Mixergy. It consistent + quality + actionable
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@espreedevora yes +1... consistent since 2008 (!) cc @andrewwarner
@espreedevora Thanks for being so encouraging and supportive over the years.
@espreedevora @yvoschaap the first few years I struggled a lot with publishing consistently without hurting quality. As entrepreneurs saw that being interviewed wasn't such a scary thing, it became easier.
@espreedevora agreed. Been watching Andrew's interviews since I first got started as an entrepreneur. Always learned something new.
Thanks @davidspinks. Next time I guest holds back in a pre-interview with me, I'll show or tell her about your comment so she'll understand why I sweat the details.
@andrewwarner thanks again for having me on! It was an honor. :) Who are you dying to interview that hasn't already been on the show?
@rrhoover Any big named guest is good for drawing an audience. So Richard Branson, Elon Musk, etc. But frankly, the bigger guests are so practiced at giving their answers that they rarely give new insight. My ideal are people like Eric Ries, before he was a household name in the business world. Or Emmett from Twitch before he sold his company. Both of them had proven track records (not empty theories). They knew how to teach their methods. And they were open to challenging questions.
Hands down one of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs out there. Andrew has the best guests. Interviews are indebth and the learnings are practical and useful. @RRHoover was one of his recent guests.
@lekanb Thanks. I'm fascinated by how @RRHoover grows this community. For example, I got a tweet from him this morning about my participation here.
I like reading the transcripts for this podcast. I think I've read all of them over the years. Andrew really pushes to get a very deep understanding of the person he's interviewing.
@erictwillis I resisted transcripts for so long because they can be expensive and time consuming. Once I added them I realized that many people prefer text over audio or video. I'm glad the audience (and interviewees like @neilpatel) pushed me to add transcripts.
I've been hooked since @gohnjanotis put me on - great work @andrewwarner
@conradd That's been my only promotion until this year. Interviewees and supporters spread the word. I hired @sachitgupta to book me on other interview sites so I could start reaching more people.