Mixer by Microsoft

Interactive live streaming

With the new Mixer app, you can do more than just watch — you can take part in the action! Direct game choices, place objects, select sounds and much more.

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Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
Sure let’s focus on this instead of fixing Skype

I actually loved Mixer when it used to be "Beam". The website was really smooth, and there wasn't any bugs with any browser. Plus, it used to be one of the only streaming platform using "low delay" streaming.

But Mixer's website is full of glitches if you're not using Google Chrome, and I really can't understand that.

And I don't really see any advantage of using Mixer while Youtube & Twitch are here, and are allowing low delay streaming


Low delay treaming


Needs chrome without adblockers to work perfectly

Youtube also does low delay streaming

Daeshawn Ballard
Avid learner
Mixer is getting some much needed and strong support from Microsoft now. I wouldn't be surprised if it really started taking off within 1-2 years. With low competition for new streamer as opposed to Twitch and a better dedication to game streaming than Youtube in my opinion. I'm optimistic about the platforms success.
Art Director & Illustrator. Erosner.com
@imdaeshawn The problem with Microsoft is that they like the next new shiny object, then they buy the next new shiny object, then they get bored of that next new shiny object and then they buy the next new shiny object.
Aaron CliffordVR Producer, KOVR

As a developer I love their tools for creating experiences to be used on-stream, and the interactions with Minecraft are a lot of fun. I just wish that it was easier to promote creative streams on the platform.


Low latency, great community, innovative interactivity feature, decent mobile app


Smaller audiences, search feels clunky, no dedicated creative area (art, game development, cooking, etc)