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I use Mixcloud everyday, they've got regular mixes from big djs and a slick iPhone app too. During the summer there's some amazing live recordings from festivals
Mixcloud is the best IMHO for good techno and house.. Soundcloud is way diluted now, can't believe there are only 4 votes.. #Late
Totally late to this party as well. I just discovered Mixcloud when some folks at a party asked me to DJ. I was like what the hell do I do? My wife recommended this app and before I knew it I had a chill Ministry of Sound mix going (completely saved my ass). The iPhone app is really great as well. Like the push notifications. To echo what you said @jaronrayhinds, I'll be using this now instead of Soundcloud which was becoming harder and harder to find really great 1 hour + mixes on.
@rustydingo IMHO it has some for the best deep social integration with Facebook out there.. @justgo_official
@mutlu82 @jaronrayhinds @rustydingo I am in agreement with you. Mixcloud has a unique user-experience by offering great mixes. Our company just launched its beta streaming service. Just like Sirius XM’s satellite radio, urRadio allows you to host your very own internet radio station – anywhere, anytime. You also have the ability to listen with your friends or fans in perfect sync. Would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have. https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
I use Mixcloud every day, every weekend, and definitely every afterparty (when I'm not playing myself). It's completely unrivalled for finding good mixes online, and the links to buy from Juno are perfect for digital-cratediggers. It's a shame they had to get rid of tracklists but licensing can be tough, so it's understandable.