Makes is easy for creators to collaborate.

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Mix is designed to make it easier to get creative, by providing a series of templates, outlines, and tutorials users can build on without having to begin from scratch. Users can save a project for later or add it to the mix, and will be notified whenever something they’ve added to is remixed by someone else.
@erictwillis Along with getting people started with content, we are really trying to help people create together (by sketching on top of what other people have created and shared) since we think that is how the best ideas grow.
@wmorein Really cool app you guys have built Bill. I like it a lot.
@erictwillis Thanks! And, I'll add for this audience of product people that the templates that Teehan+Lax put together for sketching iOS interfaces are great: https://mix.fiftythree.com/51872...