Swiss-army knife travel app - 🍔🏨🎢🚄 🚗✈️ 🍽️🍿⛱️

Mitty brings together all essential travel services in one easy to use interface.

🗺️ Best local service providers for 15 categories in each city

⚡ Instant access to local services, no need to download

🏹 Saves storage and battery. And makes your desktop look nice and tidy

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🐞❓Suggestions, features, bugs: Mitty community

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Hey PH, Kani from Mitty team here. 👋 First of all, thanks @gillianim for hunting us 🚀Mitty is an All in one Travel App that lets you instantly use all essential travel services while travelling around the world. 📖Story We are a team of travel enthusiasts from Kyrgyz Republic who decided to launch this project due to our frustration of spending too much time while travelling on googling basic things like what kind of app to use for booking a restaurant or train ticket. Combined with our belief that an individual does not need hundreds of apps and will eventually use 10-15 most essential ones, we thought having all the services in one place is a way to go. 💡Solution We created an easy to use app with minimalistic interface with 15 services that switch from one service provider to another depending on where you are. Just tap on the service you would like to use and Mitty will instantly open the local service provider. At the moment it’s only available in 12 most visited cities in the world, but we will integrate more cities shortly. We have also added a bit of information about the city with basic info and key attractions. Best part is that if you live in one of the cities that Mitty supports, you can continue to use it instead of having 15 different apps on the phone (hence saving storage and battery). 🗺️ Curation methodology: We decided to integrate one local leader for each service category, so that travellers don’t need to decide on which service provider to choose from. Our methodology takes into consideration following factors: popularity, interface design, functionality. For example OpenTable will be preferred restaurant booking platform for American and European cities, whereas Zomato will be preferred in Dubai since it has significantly more restaurants to choose from in that region. We are open to suggestions from the community, and users can add a suggestion for the better service provider inside the app. Current features include: 🍔 Order food delivery 🚄 Book train tickets 🏨 Book a hotel 🎢 Browse and buy experiences 🚌 Public Transport 🚕 Request a taxi 🚗 Rent a car ✈️ Book a flight 🍽️ Reserve a restaurant 🍿 Buy cinema ticket 🎫 Browse coupons 🛍️ Order grocery delivery ⛱️ Buy travel insurance 🆘 Call emergency numbers 🏹Mitty roadmap - Collapse service screen (at the moment as soon as you close the service, your session finishes and new session needs to be started) - Log in to service with one tap - Deep API integrations for better UX 🙏 Thanks - @gillianim for your support - @ethnoza for insights about travel We'll be here all day to answer any questions you might have, so ask away! Cheers! 🍻
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@rayevk Looks like your website is down, please fix it :)
@aadityataparia Hey Aaditya, Yeap, already sorted that ;)
Trying to use Uber in China - that was the moment I realized you really need to go with the local provider if you want good service. Mitty helps you connect to the relevant providers (like Didi if you're trying to hail a car in China!) without downloading a ton of new apps everywhere you go.
@gillianim Hey Gillian! Thanks for hunting us ;)
Well, Android app or it didn't happen...
@georgi_nikolov Android is definitely coming! Already in development ;)
@Rayevk Congrats on a great launch. I Tried this app. It is awesome. There are more apps available in the store providing similar integrations, but the number of services it is providing altogether is simply amazing. I am going to keep using it and hopeful for a very wonderful experience :)
@gaurav_sharma11 Hey Gaurav, thanks for such a feedback! So happy you find it useful. We are also very curious if users will continue to use Mitty in their hometown as well. E.G. My girlfriend hates having a lot of apps, and she started to use Mitty almost for everything now in London (ordering food, booking train tickets, reserving restaurants). Let us know your thoughts in couple of weeks ;)
@gaurav_sharma11 Hey Gaurav, please join our community group, where we will discuss progress, new features and new cities ;)
Hi guys, thanks for sharing! Very cool product. BTW did you name your app after Walter Mitty? :)
@afanasiy Hey Afanasiy! That's correct. You get the prize ;) We think the way Walter Mitty was represented in the movie is exactly what we want to achieve. With one app you can go anywhere in the world without any preparation and feel totally comfortable there :)
@afanasiy Please join our community group, where we will discuss progress, features, new cities and other travel-related topics: