Flexible, private cloud chat API for developers

#4 Product of the DayAugust 30, 2019 was designed and built to help developers realise the true potential of messaging. It’s super-flexible (so you can build all sorts of chat semantics) and comes in Docker Containers (so that you can run it anywhere and maintain complete control).
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Looks promising! Looking forward towards further development. Good luck to the team! :)
Hi Product Hunt! 🐱 Meet - a Private Cloud Chat API that gives developers extremely flexible tooling and complete control over privacy. We designed & built from the ground-up to let creators (or makers😉) like you build advanced chat products for everything from your website to your workplace. How did we do that? 1. By building a low-level system that doesn’t make restrictive assumptions about core concepts like users, channels & messages, and... 2. By enabling you to use this system with features like ACLs for Roles & Privileges, Custom Profiles, Custom Payloads, and a whole lot more! In fact... doesn’t just let you build chat apps with insane features. With our upcoming (and super unique) Plug-ins Framework, you’ll be able to write your own features straight into the platform! 🔥 And we deliver all of this power to you in a Docker Container - so that you can host and run wherever you want! ⚡ We’re really excited to launch on Product Hunt. We can’t wait for you to try it out and hear what you think!
Congrats team, you guys deserve it. Awesome developer support
Kudos guys! This looks great.
@jay_sahitya Thanks Jay. To get started here's the 2min video by @rohan_prabhu, CTO and Co-founder explaining how easy it is to set-up and use the entire platform --
. Looking forward to your feedback.