Personalized coffee delivery on autopilot

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With a combined 15 years experience in the coffee industry, our team developed an algorithm that matches you with coffees you'll love from artisan roasters across the country. In 2013 we went on Shark Tank, and received funding from Mark Cuban. I'm happy to answer any questions about MistoBox!
@samanthakmeis this is interesting. congrats on the launch, i'm a bit of a coffee noob. how does the algorithm work? how will it know what i'll like?
@eriktorenberg Thanks! You just answer a few questions about your coffee preferences, consumption habits, and adventurousness, and we'll sift through more than 500 coffees to find the best matches for you. We learn from your reviews to keep improving your coffee subscription. If you're a super noob and still not sure, your personal coffee curator can help you find coffees that you'll love.
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I have been getting MistoBox at home for over a year. I'm never going back to the Keurig. As a total MistoBox convert, we started getting MistoBox shipments to the office about 6 months ago. Now no one leaves the office on coffee runs. Brilliant.
Just signed up. Looking forward to it.
Happy user of MistoBox!