Collect payments owed from train delays 🇫🇷

I found the concept of AirHelp pretty brilliant, so I'm really curious to see where Misterfox goes.
@albn WoW super idea ! I gonna test it.
I love that this is available in France. SO NEEDED. A few years ago I took my mom to France - the TL;DR - we booked tickets in First Class and ended up riding in between cars sitting on our bags next to the toilets because the trains were delayed. We had a great time - ended up sharing bottles of wine with the rest of the people sitting there, but I definitely wanted my money back. 😀🙈🚅
@corleyh because drinking wine is what we do 😂 Great story! And really cool product
Great product! I am a big fan of AirHelp and was curious when this would get into trains. Question: do you charge a success fee just like they do? I couldn't figure from your site's FAQ
@pierrebecerril We don't charge success fees. That's how we solved this problem :)
What a concept! Bravo!
Really cool product ! <3