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Tristan Pollock
Community CTO.ai + EIR at 500 Startups
I've known the team at misterbnb for over a year. They've made incredible strides to help the gay and greater LGBTQIA communities feel safe and secure while traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally. I've also used the product as a straight man and felt very welcomed.
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Eric DiepeveenCOO, Steam Data Suite
I hope products like these will become obsolete asap. I mean that in the best possible way. Having special LGBTQ communities because otherwise people don't feel safe is not an ideal situation. LGBTQ should be accepted and special services shouldn't be needed. I'm a gay man living in The Netherlands, it took me a while to understand the need for this app. However I can see that in some countries this app is a way to keep your safer.
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Michael SenkowDesigner/FED, MSFT now, ex IBMer Appler
@ericdiepeveen I greatly disagree, part of the great joy of being gay is more easily discovering the culture and community that exists. Even in a totally safe world I hope to see the gay community continue to exist.
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Adam StoneFounder @ Speedlancer.com & more
Awesome team and such a clever product to solve an important need. Pleasure to upvote!
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@stoneadam thank you!
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Matt HortonProduct Manager, Capital One
My husband and I considered a misterbnb over airbnb when we traveled to DC. It was honestly because there is a kind of unexplainable difference in interacting with queer folks vs interacting with straight folks that goes beyond being worried about discrimination. I was definitely a bit concerned about someone having something negative to say, but I also just thought that it might be fun to meet another gay guy who may know what's going on in that world in the district and could direct us toward that. I, for one, hope there is always something like misterbnb as a way to connect to that community. Losing that connection by being fully integrated into straight social culture would be sad to me.
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@mattahorton thank you so much for your support Matt!
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Pippa RHead of App Products, Radio France
I've heard enough stories from friends to know that there is (regrettably) a real need for this product. I like the way that you've identified the best areas in each city and got be thinking about curating travel sites for specific needs - e.g. if I'm organising a hen/bachelorette party, it would be cool to have a site (or just a filter) that would propose the funkiest areas in different cities for me to choose from. The site design is simple and clean - best of luck!
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