Save 30% on your air conditioning bill

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Harris RobertsMarketing on the web.
This is very cool idea, not sure why it isn't getting more up votes.
Christien LouviereCoFounder - BDEnergy
@harrisroberts i cofounded a startup in this space. the big issue with any product like this is out of sight, out of mind. it's hard to create urgency around products outside the home like this. you'd be surprised how many people have no idea they even had an HVAC unit hooked up to their thermostats. :)
This is cool. I didn't understand how it worked until I watched the video. https://youtu.be/oOEuRcDmh48
Davy WongWeb Developer, Arising Group
@gabriel__lewis Thanks for sharing the video!
Ben BowdenProduct
@billy_grandy Have you considered pulling a solar city type pricing structure for this product? Assuming your product actually works and does on average save people 20-40%, this would then allow you to give it away for free and have users pay a percent of that savings to you. If you were going to try this then here are some basics of how it might work: 1) Have the Mistbox only turn on if people pay you every month 2) Calculate the estimated electricity rate for each region yourself. If you don't do this then people might put their rate at $.0001 per kWh and get free AC 3) (optional) Give users a month free to see their awesome savings 4) Profit Something to consider if you want to expand quickly and kill any competition that might come up. Good luck!
Brian BerlinCo-founder, GradSquare
My brother in law owns a HVAC company in New Orleans. He says that he has seen this type of device on units that he has worked on before and that the only issue is the water filter needs to be changed regularly. He said every time he has come across one the water filter wasn't changed enough and the calcium clogged the condenser and ruined it.
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@brianberlin That's good intel! Appreciate you sharing
Justin DarcyAlliances, Salesforce
My guess is this isn't getting upvoted because most people on PH all day live in San Francisco where you don't need central air. But I'm in Denver now and think this is awesome...
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