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I've been using Mist for a many weeks now, it's surprisingly slick. Can't wait to see further adoption and what kinds of contracts people will make. Who's working on a cool contract?
+1 Ethereum is the future development.
Exciting! But I think it would be smart to link instead to a page that gives an introduction with these things: 1. A simple, concise explanation of what Mist is (aimed at people who have at least basic "tech literacy" but might not know much about decentralized apps beyond torrents, dropbox, and bitcoin) 2. Why it's worthwhile (to help creators start imagining what benefits and possibilities are offered by decentralization, and to reassure them that it won't be difficult or costly) 3. Examples (not just to aid with understanding, but also to emphasize the versatility of how it might be used beyond yet another torrent, dropbox, or bitcoin) Good luck!
@rockettestpilot thanks James. All that can be found here: https://ethereum.org/
Mist is a key stepping stone towards consumer-grade blockchain applications. A whole bunch of those amazing things you've been told blockchains can do will be distributed through this Wallet, DApp Store and Browser combination. Ethereum has a great video on YouTube where Alex Van de Sande lays out his vision.
Quoting README.md: "NOTE Mist is under heavy development and not intended to be tested by the community yet, therefore it might not run out of the box as described in the README below. To save us time getting you all up and running, better wait for now. Thanks :)" Perhaps a little early for Product Hunt?