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Missions.ai allows you to create and manage the end-to-end workflows for an unlimited number of processes. Completely customizable, workflows can be as simple or complex as you need. No coding required.

John Kodumal
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  • Buster
    BusterAuthor, maker of products

    Really thoughtful approach to supporting arbitrary workflows natively in Slack


    More templates to support the most basic workflows, like approvals

    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I see a lot of Slack apps and am always encouraging them to move more in the direction that Missions.ai has gone here. These lightweight workflows that happen within conversations is a HUGE space with lots of opportunity, and I'm very excited to Missions continue to evolve and solve real customer needs.

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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@jennschiffer tweeted a reverse RFSB (Request for Slackbot) to which @stewart replied: Submit a PDF of a contract for approval to a channel with lawyers. Buttons to claim, assign, approve, reject. Generate reports periodically. And then @mbrevoort was like, oh hey, you can already do that with Missions.ai (coming soon)! Now it's live. Sweet.
Mike Brevoort
Mike BrevoortMaker@mbrevoort · Building Missions.ai
Oh wow, literally hot off the press as they say! Thanks @chrismessina 🙌 for hunting us! We're thrilled to finally share Missions with Product Hunt today. Our team at Robots & Pencils has seen big productivity gains by building custom Slack integrations tailored to how we work. However, these integrations required a developer's time to build and were time consuming and cost prohibitive to create. We created Missions so that anyone could get the best out of Slack for their team, no coding required. Missions is a new workflow system for Slack that makes teams more productive by helping to coordinate activities between people, in order to get work done. Our visual editor enables anyone to create custom workflows for their team. We chose Slack exclusively because it's where the best teams work, and the only team messaging platform available today that enabled us to build a compelling, usable, workflow system. Plus it's where our team lives, breathes, and works every day. To get started with Missions: 1. Add Missions to your Slack team. 2. Create your first Mission by using one of our templates or jump into the visual editor to create one from scratch. 3. Set up a trigger to launch a Mission based on Slack events like a new file being uploaded, a new member joining a channel, or even schedule a recurring Mission. Publish and launch. It's pretty simple. Missions passively integrates with other Slack apps, including Salesforce, Stripe, GitHub and Pipedrive (with more on the way.) The G-Suite integration can read and write from Google Sheets and schedule Google Calendar appointments . This is our official public release, so we'd love for you to check it out and let us know what you think. We're here to answer your questions.
Alec Lazarescu
Alec Lazarescu@alec1a · CTO, LearnBop
Well done, @mbrevoort and team! I love this idea and how it can drive all sorts of departmental hand-offs more efficiently. Would be cool to include Zapier support to open the door wide open to other integrations.
Mike Brevoort
Mike BrevoortMaker@mbrevoort · Building Missions.ai
@alec1a Thanks! Yes, a Zapier integration is on our roadmap. We have a working shim for Zapier but our plan is to launch a full fledged integration.
Simona Andrieska
Simona Andrieska@asimona · Software Developer at CodeWell
Cool :)
Baptiste@baptistedebever · Co-Founder of Feedier -- 🇫🇷 Entrepreneur
Your product sounds amazing! I will give it a spin soon :)
Mike Brevoort
Mike BrevoortMaker@mbrevoort · Building Missions.ai
Thanks @buster! Many more templates coming soon. A few more today in fact 😅