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Bryan Landers
Venture Partner, Backstage Capital
- INTRODUCING THE PODCAST - The mission of this new podcast is to help people align their personal goals and passions with the work they do. 💘 It’s the creators and guardians of company culture that are in the best position to facilitate work/life alignment. For startups, it’s founders and HR leaders who are the best people to talk to about culture because it’s their job to create, maintain and promote culture internally and externally, so that's who I'll be interviewing. Some startups publicly share their company mission and core values, but not all do. And for those that do share, there’s a lot that’s left unsaid. I want to hear the stories behind a startup’s values from the people who designed them. How did they evolve? How do they help the team make decisions? What kinds of people do they attract? The best cultures continue to grow and change over time, so the representation of values as a fixed list of bullet points doesn’t do justice to the messy reality in which they are shaped, nor to the potential they have to inspire us. I'm honored to have @wadefoster of Zapier as my first guest. I can tell already that the format of the show holds promise, and I'm excited to hear what you think. Handy subscribe links for podcast apps here: http://missionandvalues.co What do you think? Who you'd like to hear on the show? Any questions?! - IN THIS EPISODE - Wade Foster, CEO and Co-founder of Zapier, shares insights on how to manage culture in a startup with a 100% remote team. Mission: "We're just some humans who think computers should do more work." "Really we just want to take the tedious work out of your job." Values: - Empathetic (leave your ego at the door, the greater good of Zapier customers, partners and teammates is more important than any one of us) - Be Resourceful (default to action, have an impact, find what you need, be fearless) - Be transparent (explicit not implicit, share what you're working on, don't hoard your work, seek feedback) - Pay Attention to Details (the difference between good and great is the little details) Topics: - How values help assess culture fit during hiring - Slack, bots, AI, and automation going mainstream - Build empathy, internally and externally, with customer service - Team building on remote teams - Wade's biggest mistake at Zapier - Unlimited vacation policies at startups - How software tools effect communication - Asynchronous vs synchronous communication - Augmenting core values with internal team-specific values - How to get actionable feedback
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