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Every year traveling is becoming more and more affordable. Distance is no longer a barrier. However, there is another side of traveling.

Mission Emission is a project that aims to raise awareness of the environmental impact of traveling.

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Desislava SredkovaInterior & branding Designer

It feels grounding to see what's your personal impact on environment. Decisions based on knowledge are the way we change our future.


awareness, environment friendly, green living


I need this earlier :)

Hello! 👋 We're a small studio from Bulgaria working alongside our friends at BetaPeak, and we wanted to raise awareness about air pollution and transport emissions. Global warming is becoming an increasingly alarming problem and we do not seem to be doing enough individually. The first part to solving a problem is recognizing that it exists in the first place, which is why we created Mission Emission. Even though it's non-profit and we had limited resources, we still managed to do it the way we want and have fun while doing it. Our long-term goal is to get noticed by governments so we can display more accurate and relevant data based on the location where emissions are calculated. Different countries/cities have different types of vehicles, they generate energy differently and therefore have different emissions indices. Our calculations are based on average numbers and it would be great to change that. If you're walking or bicycling to work - don't worry, we also calculate how much emissions you generate by breathing. 🤓 So, give it a try - how much emissions do you generate when commuting? Thank You!
Pier 🍉I love singing and solving problems :)
Wow, the calculations and results are so well done! Been wanting to make something like this forever too. Can of course add other means of transport like airplanes, etc, and offer to pay $X,- to plant X amount of trees to make up for your pollution of this trip.
@pyer There are calculation for airplanes too, actually. If there are airports near the origin and destination of your route, it will likely return the airplane as an alternative transport in the results page. You're probably talking about selecting airplane as the transport in the first place, instead of seeing it as an alternative to driving, and it's a feature we have considered. Depending on how the project turns out, we might get to implement it. 🙂
Pier 🍉I love singing and solving problems :)
@dodooov Coooool! :) Yeah would make more sense if you have plugins that you'd have airlines / car rental companies / train companies / any transport ticket companies integrate in their booking journey. Then you can automatically calculate the amount of CO2 emitted and needed amount of (let's say) trees to be planted or whatever to make up for that output. Then based on the amount of CO2 per journey, you can try to up-sell trees to cover your emissions for $X,- per tree. Price is added on top of your ticket and they're actually planted by a partner who plants trees / protects rainforests / adopts fragile animal species / saves coral reefs / supports anti fossil fuel lobbies, or whatever helps the world forward. :) You can basically pick a cause to donate to your liking to make up for the CO2 emissions you put our per journey and choose to do it automatically based on your Google maps journeys. Ok too long answer, haha, I just really like to think along about this topic! Thanks anyway and good luck! :D
chris lacorteA Designer, learning & working.
Lovely website which tool? Or did you programmed it all?