Mission Control Plus for Mac

Quickly manage open windows in Mission Control on the Mac

The fastest way to manage your Mac's windows in Mission Control, with keyboard navigation, shortcuts and more.
It's especially useful for Macs with small displays, an excellent alternative to nervously ⌘+Tab'ing your way to declutter your windows.
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Hi all, Rony (maker) here. After quitting my job at Apple recently to go full-time indie, and moving from a Cinema Display to a 13" MBP display, the first roadblock I hit was how annoying it was to manage windows and declutter on a small display. I wished I could manipulate windows in Mission Control instead of nervously ⌘+Tab'ing my way through windows and organizing them, and that's why I made Mission Control Plus. It allows you to close windows by clicking a newly added "X" button in Mission Control, and also offers keyboard shortcuts and navigation so you can manipulate windows 100% using your keyboard. I hope you find it useful, let me know what you think :-)
what a great little handy tool! After having used it, this seems like such an obvious thing to add. Upvote!
I have been suggesting the close button in Mission Control as feedback to Apple for years ... Instantly bought! Thank you 😊
@boettges Thank you Peter! I’ll keep on adding improvements. Stay tuned.
Love the app, one thing that I'd love for you people to add (if possible) is to add "type-to-focus" in regular expose. In default mission control you can type the name of the window when using application expose but when you do it for all windows, that functionality is missing. I haven't worked enough with the accessibility API's to know if this is possible but that particular feature would be a mic-drop game changing feature for me. Stay hungry, stay foolish!
@zenangst I'll check if it's something that can be done, it would be a nice addition
Thank you! Purchased!
@csaba_kissi Thank you, hope it's a productivity booster for you!