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Now if only these came with MacOS 😏
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@hemanthg4 Maybe can get it to work as a Hackintosh?
@movaid7 Yeah, someone should try that.
Endless OS looks as interesting as the hardware itself. Their video shows it in classrooms in developing nations that may not have widespread internet access and the OS is loaded with lots of educational content for offline use. This is as compelling of an offering as I've seen in this space. Great job.
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@arthurgd3 it would make a great classroom computer in third world countries. That offline feature is awesome!
@sebastienb no, it wouldn't, requires external display hardware...plus this has been done for years: http://one.laptop.org
first thought: Nice looking media center for the living room.. Then i saw this . "Starting from Endless OS version 3.0, you can purchase and install a decoder that will allow you to watch Netflix and other embedded videos that require H. 264. Please see here for more details. Note: Although the computers with Intel, AMD or other X86 CPU can support Netflix after installing the codec upgrade, Endless Mini and other computers with ARM CPUs can’t support Netflix due to digital rights management." Something that doesn't support Youtube or Netflix out of the box ....
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@aaron_foley Why wouldn't youtube work? They have no DRM.
@aaron_foley the H.264 codec (along with many video codecs) is licensed so you need to pay for that instead of them covering the cost for every download. Also I'm not aware of YouTube using DRM so why you added that in is confusing to me. You can use the H.264 codec without using DRM.
This could be a good home media center @ only $129.
@rrhoover I agree but I think someone who is setting up that type of home media center is probably decently computer savvy, in which case I would argue you could have just as good of a media center from something like a Raspberry Pi for a fraction of the price.
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@hickmanzackary @rrhoover Hmm Endless OS is free. Can it run on a Raspberry Pi?
Hardware looks very elegant but specs? I mean 2gb ram...Seriously ?
@tnsrig That's what you get for the price.
@ninjinka yes I am not saying otherwise, but why not buy a 200$ laptop?