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A new breed of affordable desktop computers

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Hemanth G
@hemanthg4 · CEO, Wipadika Innovations
Now if only these came with MacOS 😏
@arthurgd3 · IT Consultant/Advisor @ 1 N Only
Endless OS looks as interesting as the hardware itself. Their video shows it in classrooms in developing nations that may not have widespread internet access and the OS is loaded with lots of educational content for offline use. This is as compelling of an offering as I've seen in this space. Great job.
Aaron Foley
first thought: Nice looking media center for the living room.. Then i saw this . "Starting from Endless OS version 3.0, you can purchase and install a decoder that will allow you to watch Netflix and other embedded videos that require H. 264. Please see here for more details. Note: Although the computers with Intel, AMD or other X86 CPU can support Netfl… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This could be a good home media center @ only $129.
@tnsrig · UI/UX @travelplanet24 @airtickets_gr
Hardware looks very elegant but specs? I mean 2gb ram...Seriously ?