Receive amber alerts on Slack

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Very nice idea @dblockdotorg @davidmarkovich_, is it compatible with French alerts?
@lothiraldan @dblockdotorg @davidmarkovich_ On the site they say that the data are gathered from MISSINGKIDS.ORG So it really depends on what's there. Could be also interesting to have it filter by location. Depending on where the Slack team is located.
@picsoung @lothiraldan @davidmarkovich_ I've opened a feature request, https://github.com/dblock/slack-..., please do contribute!
@lothiraldan Ca serait facile d'integrer une autre source, tu en connais une en France?
@dblockdotorg No I don't know any source sadly
Our startup is one of the few companies with an actual MOU with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, from which they get their data. And I have to say, I wish I'd thought of this bot. Great idea guys.