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Hey guys, Tom Harding here, co-founder of Mish Guru. Although it's 5am here in New Zealand I'm excited to answer your questions today!
Who are your customers and what kinds of campaigns do you run? How do the customers measure ROI?
@pt we’ve experimented across a bunch of different customer types which we broadly group as: Brands Marketing agencies Artists and Sports teams Campaigns have both been short promotions and on-going engagements and are as varied as the customers we work with. We’ve had voucher giveaways, Snapchat art competitions, music video releases right through to crowd sourcing live streams at festivals. Currently ROI is measured through impressions generated. Moving forward we’re pretty excited about the opportunities that Snapcash will open up!
I liked your case studies--the numbers are small but demonstrate potential for brands & agencies: http://www.mish.guru/blog/2014/1...
@CynthiaSchames thanks :) We quickly learnt that case studies were the first thing potential new clients wanted to see. It took a bit to get the first few under the belt but we've definitely noticed smoother sailing since.
Good morning @tgpharding! How do you guys think about competitors that are focused on cross-platform offerings targeting these same customers? I haven't seen anybody going after Snapchat yet, but we've worked with other platform-specific products and the trend seems to be that they eventually expand their offerings. Is there something that makes Snapchat different? Do you see a similar roadmap for yourselves?
Morning @pt! We see competition from larger existing cross-platform players as inevitable. While this is most definitely a challenge, we also view it as an opportunity for scale. We've already been accepted into the partnership program for one of the largest social media tool providers and will be looking at using this to scale the distribution of our product. Here at Mish we're focused on helping brands tell their story through visual content. It has been super tempting to dive in and start building across all of the platforms but with such clear air in the Snapchat space it makes more sense for us to stay focused until we’re confident that we’ve nailed that vertical. Longer term our vision is to create a platform that allows brands to push out visual content to multiple platforms while still respecting the unique visual feel that each platform has.
Where do u think the biggest opportunity will be? Agencies or Direct advertisers? Whats the focus here for Customers acquisitions?
Hi @marvinliao. It’s a tough question. We see merits in both: Agencies = quick scale, Direct = larger slice of the pie. To be completely honest, I don’t think we have enough information yet to make an informed decision. We’ve been operating on a mixed model so far and the plan is to continue until we have enough evidence to determine which path is the better. The focus for customer acquisition moving forwards is undoubtedly though partnership channels: larger social media aggregating tools and agencies.
@tgpharding Do have rough breakdown of customer base percentage wise? agency versus direct?
@marvinliao active users is a 20/80% split though our pipeline looks more like 50/50%.