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This looks so awesome! I wonder how/why it never needs to charge?
@samchristie The website doesn't go into details about certain features, but it does say "Battery Life: Up to 6 months." So you don't charge it but use batteries?
@esbvn @samchristie My guess is it uses watch batteries then? Interesting
@samchristie Was wondering about this as well. This thing looks smaller than my Fitbit which I have to charge at least once per week!
@lehrjulian @samchristie It uses a standard CR2032 watch battery (assuming the Shine 2 uses the same battery as the original Shine). It really is great not having to worry about it. Going from an UP band to my Shine the only thing I missed was the vibration motor and silent alarm clock, so looks like the Shine 2 might answer my prayers!
@elliotronen @samchristie I agree. I have owned probably every fitness tracker available and Misfit trackers are by far the best ones. Also they're cheap. You can get the Flash for 20 bucks.
The vibrating alarm clock that "wakes you at the right time" has been a big feature that only the Up band has really had over the years. Finally other wearables manufacturers are catching on!
@benburns The other big fitness band brand - FitBit - has also had the vibrate to wake up feature. I got a FitBit Flex two years ago and it had it.
@sleumasm @benburns I should have clarified -- the killer feature, to me, is waking you up with that vibrating alarm at the lightest point in your sleep cycle, instead of at a specified time when you might be jarred from deep sleep. I didn't think anyone but Jawbone had that previously, but I might be wrong?
This is great! i wonder if they ship to the UK