Misfit Phase

Misfit's first hybrid smartwatch

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You sneaky smartwatch. I still haven't bought a smartwatch. I haven't found a strong use case. What's everyone else's experience?
@rrhoover I haven't yet either. Most compelling for me, in theory at least, is curating notifications. Especially around the office. To stop what I am doing and that there is a meeting I need to go to or a conference call I need to hop on without dragging the phone around and getting superfluous notifications that slip through but are not contextually pertinent. Haven't put it to the test yet though ;-)
@rrhoover I use an Apple Watch every day (except if I'm in countries/places where I wouldn't wear a watch for safety reasons). I bought it mostly as a novelty but it has kind of grown on me for a number of reasons, none of which would be enough for me to buy the watch on their own: Control of music and fitness tracking when I'm running Activity tracking. It's nice knowing I've moved 30 minutes even if I'm just walking around the park Seeing what the time is (seriously) Looking/feeling for notifications. It's nice not to have to look at my phone only to realize the notification can be easily dismissed. I'm sure there are a few others use cases. Basically I wanted to start wearing a watch and the Apple Watch is as good as any other. Plus, it gives you an early in to start a conversation with other smart watch users ;-)
I personally wear a Huawei Watch when I'm not at work. (I work at a QSR restaurant, and they don't even want employees bringing their phones into the building.) It's great for quickly checking and replying to messages, as well as media controls.
Misfit has almost got me with this one. They certainly know how to make a wearable sleek and sexy, and I love the analog aspect.