Misfit Bolt

A wirelessly connected smart bulb

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Interesting to see Misfit expand beyond just the watch-style wearables and into lighting. I'm super picky about lighting (I used to unscrew the florescence lightbulbs above my desk at a previous startup... the maintenance man didn't like me).
The Bolt has a companion app and integrates with other Misfit products like the Shine. The alarm function is neat but I wonder if you can also synchronize the colors with music. Spotify integration would be ๐Ÿ‘. cc @nikkielizdemere
@rrhoover We use HUE by Philips at home and I love it. What's nice about HUE is it has an open API so anyone can develop apps for it. I'd be curious to see if The Bolt is open or not. My major pain point with connected lighting is the lack of a casual way to turn lights on and off as I enter or exit a room. They typically use LED's so the power consumption isn't a huge concern, but pulling my phone out every time is annoying. How does Bolt set itself apart from HUE? Are there any plans to integrate with systems like Nest or other smart home technologies?
I love the product, but I find it hard to believe Misfit will be around long-term without more product focus. It seems like they are just building whatever they can think of to try and find something that works.
What's the difference between this and LIFX? http://lifx.co/
@aderstepanian It's a third of the cost.
I'm waiting for the API!
This is really great. I have been playing around with the correct lighting setup in my apartment (mainly bedroom) for over a year now. Had resorted to white Christmas lights for the better part of 2 years, as it was the only solution that gave me the soft light feel I desire.