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Mirror AI

AI that creates personalized content around you/your friends


Mirror Emoji Keyboard by Mirror AI is an app that takes a photo of your face and creates you a set of personalized emoji. You get hundreds of them ready to be shared on messengers or social networks.

Would you recommend this product?
PR Tech Nerd

Definitely recommend downloading


Great tech behind it, super fun and the only app of it's kind to be based off selfies/available in multiple languages



CTO at track.tennis

Do you consider adding a marketplace for external artists?


Great idea and it's really fun!


It was a little bit tricky to adjust my face to oval and in didn't recognize my beard :)

Founder @ Mirror Emoji Keyboard
hey Alexey! yeah, beards are a challenge – existing neural nets aren't good at handling them so we are trying to get a lot more data around this. and yes, we are considering a marketplace for artists to teach neural nets to draw in their style – just want to focus on the basics first :) thanks for using the product!

Fast and fun way to create personalised avatar image


Fun to use, good looking resulting avatar


Just wanted to have personal avatar, but it is bloated with emojis etc

Founder @ Mirror Emoji Keyboard
hey Ingvar! thanks for using the product! great point, we're planning to make the avatar usecase easier. the reason we initially focused on emoji is that there is a lot more engaged usage data there. and that helps train the neural nets to be better :) thanks! serge (mirror CEO)

Could be the next Bitmoji! Now it's all about content and marketing!


Smooth great-looking app that adds a new fun dimension to communication


Needs more content and more illustration styles

Developers Reach me for a product review

This is a must have app for BFFs, BF-GF teens.

Communicating with your besties using Mirror AI is just too fun.




I still prefer conventional Keyboard over this, when I am in hurry