Mirror AI

AI that creates personalized content around you/your friends

Mirror Emoji Keyboard by Mirror AI is an app that takes a photo of your face and creates you a set of personalized emoji. You get hundreds of them ready to be shared on messengers or social networks.

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Hello Product Hunt! After a year in the making we’re excited to launch Mirror. We think custom emoji apps like Bitmoji are a good step towards bringing our real, unique faces into messaging. We take this further and let you: - get hundreds of personal emoji/stickers in 3 seconds from a selfie. - not spend mental energy wondering what your head shape/nose shape etc. are - add your friends/family (soon your pets and more) to your emoji in seconds. manually constructing 10+ friends is just too hard. - use all text-containing emoji in 8 languages (will expand to >25 shortly). - get emoji that become more and more recognizable with time by learning from data. We know there is still a long way to go to make the product great. Right now we are working on: - improving the tech from just “personalized” to “recognizable by friends.” this it is a hard problem – we have a whole dedicated part of our brain for these tasks (fusiform gyrus). - expanding our content library to ~10,000 emoji in 25 languages. - adding new features – e.g. auto-detection of groups of people, pets, clothes, backgrounds. Feel free to ask anything about our product, tech, team and story. We will do our best to fix any problems and make your emoji better quickly :) The Mirror Team
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Evgeny is a great engineer and leader, well done and good luck!
The Mirror Emoji Keyboard (built by YC alum Mirror AI) is an app that uses AI to turn your selfies into personalized emoji. Add your friends and you'll be able to create joint emoji. Soon they'll be adding pets.
Cool project from great team! Feature suggestion: use some NLU to analyze latest message that user sent with your keyboard (on device, obviously, for privacy reasons) and suggest the best emoji for user's emotion.
@ematvey yes – an RNN to suggest relevant emoji is definitely on the cards! especially as we get a huge number of them.
Great work! Would be nice to have a light version just to create custom avatars for social network profiles.
@unnamedteam you can use it for facebook easily by tapping on the relevant image and share method from the app screen. but i agree with your feedback – we need to make this easier/more intuitive. actually noticed earlier a lot of people save to their camera roll – this is probably why. thanks for the feedback :)