A tiny browser extension to double your productivity when working with Miro: search and open your boards right in the address bar.
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OMG! I'm so glad someone finally added the search integration for Miro. It solves a lot of pain. 👏
This is awesome Ilya! Curious to know the story behind the idea and the journey that you've been through to build this.
@farbodsaraf well we're practically running on Miro at the company I work for (ailo.io) — we have hundreds of boards, with more and more boards created every day. In this setup it's not practical really to use bookmarks or rely on browser history to open the board you need. So I've been thinking about a solution for this for a while, and whenever Miro asked about my experience with the product, I mentioned it. Well, as they say if you want something done, do it yourself :) I wanted to make something that works for me and my team, I hope everyone else finds it useful. @farbodsaraf you might as well include the extension in Miro Marketplace so more people know about it 😜
@consolamentor I'll have a chat with the team and will get in touch with you :)
@consolamentor Yes, heard from the team it went quite smooth. Thanks for sharing it with the community.
Yes! Amazing, thank you! Our Miro board is becoming a forest of data and this will make it easier!
@fozter You're welcome!