Mirage World

A shared world on top of reality

mirage world is THE BEST app to create and leave interactive compositions on top of the real world – think virtual graffiti. place gifs, objects, text, hashtags, mentions, photos, and drawings anywhere for others to see!

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hey everyone! ✌️ "mirages" are compositions that can combine text, hashtags, mentions, photos, GIFs, drawings, and objects – which are anchored to the real world. think virtual graffiti. "mirage world" is the location-based discovery network where you can create mirages for others to see or find mirages created by others. have fun!
@piemonte - @synackel showed me this when I was visiting AUS this past week. I'm obsessed. I got the Hotel San Jose nice and tagged up! Love the app (and your NextLevel framework on GH). Looking forward to how it evolves.
@synackel @rueter hey steven! that's awesome, thanks for the support! we're so excited about the AR Internet.
Oh this is rad and a fun illustration of how AR can be used to transform how we interact with the world in a fun, social way. Brb, going to tag San Francisco.
@rrhoover thanks ryan! we appreciate the support. 🙌
looks cool. why is not available on german itunes?
@oliamazing thanks ✌️should be available in all territories and may still be propagating. we'll be updating this post shortly.
@piemonte thanks. somehow posting is not even working for me. takes forever and then I receive an error.
@piemonte thanks. Exciting to see this working.
Cool idea, and you did a great job with onboarding! My camera view seems to get frozen fairly often, but otherwise working smoothly
@chrispheinrich hey chris – thanks for letting us know, appreciate the feedback ✌️
Kept messing around with this in the office! My co-workers and I really enjoyed this. Did notice a small glitch but other than that this app is awesome.