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Hello Product Hunters! Ben here, Cofounder and CEO of Mira. Two months ago, we announced our AR headset + platform to the world. Today, I’m so excited to share some major updates, first and foremost the release of our SDK! You can learn more / download it at mirareality.com/developers. We also start shipping our developer headsets today and only have a limited number of headsets remaining so pick up yours before they're gone 😎 More good news: the headset is compatible with the iPhone 8 🙏 Lastly, we locked in an additional $1M in funding from Founder’s Fund and Greylock to provide more resources to the dev community and strengthen some of our early content partnerships :) We can't wait to grow our developer community! For more information on becoming a Mira Developer, please visit mirareality.com/developers 🙌
What weird and wonderful applications would you like to see built in AR? The world is slowly but surely blowing up with Augmented Reality! Releasing this developer kit is a very exciting step and it's going to be awesome to see what people come up with! Disclaimer: I've recently joined Mira as Community Advisor
Very excited to see what developers come up with. Congrats on launch!
@3amjosh Thanks Josh!!
Great, I can't wait to check it on Android! I'm making VR/AR browser for mobiles and this would be a great advance :) Best of luck :)
@noha_alshirbiny sounds awesome :) ping me maybe we can see how we can get your work onto our platform!
@filthytaft I'd like to know more and see if we could make it work! When I checked the website, it seems that the android version is not ready yet. Do you have an estimate ? kindly contact me on noha@nomone.com to discuss it in more details :) Again, best of luck!
Love it!!! Hoping to buy the developer kit soon :)
@revhuff Thanks Josh! Let me know if/when you do :)