The minimal timer for productivity and screen sharing

A simple, effective timer that is designed to always be reachable while taking very little screen estate. Straight forward controls let you control the timer without loosing focus:

* Click the bar to start or stop the timer.

* Double click to restart the timer

* Right click to set a new timer.

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I like how simple it is πŸ‘
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Hi, creator of the software here. This started as a side project to learn Swift and has turned into a really useful little tool. We've been using it in my company to run time-boxed meetings during which we usually screen share. Looking forward to any feedback and comments!
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@felx Nice project! Simple & useful :)
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Sounds like an awesome idea. I dig how simple it looks
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Great product. Simple and minimal
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Really like the product, been using it for 6 months and it quickly becomes a part of the routine!


Simple, works with screen sharing perfectly