Minute Pocket

Get the estimated reading time for your Pocket articles

MinutePocket will calculate the reading time for each of your articles and add tags next to it. It just takes a second to add, and it’s 100% free.

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Hey everyone, happy to be on board, thanks Cyril for hunting me (> you are welcome). We (me and me) are proud to show you the most awesome design made for such a product (no, seriously, the product in itself is basic, but the design ... omagad the design!) What do we do (again, solo person, multiple personalities)? You go, alone or with your friends - that's up to you - to Minute Pocket, click on the majestic button (saw that magnificent design? yep!), and accept to connect the app to your Pocket account. Then, after giving me your email (for spam purpose only), the service will process all your articles and add a time reading tag to give you a general indication. Works well, runs on AppEngine to process thousands of billions of trillions of requests per milliseconds, so we are ready for TechCrunch coverage. <3
This is great! It's a shame Pocket never implemented it before, but this works as well :)
@okkevdwal Yes!! This would have been the first features I would have always used from them. Before Minute Pocket, I was always opening an article, scrolling then guessing the reading time (via the height of the scrollbar). Now, I just check the tags :)
A great feature that Pocket should've implemented a long time ago. Great job!
@donte_ll Indeed!! A few other stuff are missing too, like having the total number of article, the global reading time, some stats like how much you read per day and in how long you will clear your list that way. All those are possible improvements of Minute Pocket :)
Love the idea, but I don't see the word count? Where exactly is it.
I got it. I had not finished the process. Another case of "pebkac" (problem exists between keyboard and computer). Great stuff!
Only thing is I have to open the article to see the time, unlike the screenshots on the product page. Either way, it's great!
@david_folender That's odd? Maybe it's related to how you display your articles? The screenshot is not some wacky hack, it's the real view I have from my Pocket. (and it works like this too on the Android app)
@cx42net Oh well. Not really a problem. Just seeing it when I open an article is awesome. Plus, I'm on an iPhone X running beta software iOS 11.2 - release 5. Maybe it's that.
@david_folender Ok, well let me know the outcome, I'm curious ! :)
THANK YOU <3 I have like 10 other ideas on how to improve Pocket. I have been messaging them for years with no real progress. I thought about even building my own!
@arintoker I'm really happy you appreciated the tool !! You should go a build your tool around theirs if you have 10 ideas, I'm pretty sure some of them may be profitable too (but I don't know for sure, I mean, the users are free users!). Good luck! :)