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great concept, maybe @jonasdrueppel of @dubsmash can give some feedback?
@amitgolans ping me and I will put you in touch: peter@letsdvel.com
@peterbuch Pinged you Doc :)
Looks fantastic. Waiting for the iOS app :)
@avirambm Thanks Ninja! We are working on it! Along the way we learnt that android is not so easy and takes time. Don't you think?
@avirambm BTW you can try this - minute.ly/feed :) a web version for Minute app!
@aditya_shirole Hi agreeder :) What did you agreed about? the android difficulties or that you are waiting for an IOS version - this are to different agreements ;)
Minute is awesome. I just discovered it. I am still waiting for the iOS version, but minute.ly/feed already gives you a preview of some awesome clips. This could be a new media type called: *long-form gif* Any thoughts @eriktorenberg @rrhoover?
@mfts0 Thanks for hunting Minute. It's Amit, the Cofounder and CEO at Minute. I really hope you are enjoying using our app. It was made for busy people who still want to watch news and entertainment, but shortly. It is a new format for watching videos! We are automatically extracting the most interesting part of the videos, and highlighting it for you. Thank you again for the hunt! @amitgolans
Wow, this is awesome, this could save SO much time of watching way too long videos. how do you decide what's the interesting part of the video?
@yoavush Hey! Great Q! I'm a co founder and CEO at Minute. Originally, Minute was a video curation platform. We learnt that even though the video is extremely popular, viewers don't watch the full video. It happened on every video we had. So we started to think how we can create a video summarization and to extract the highlight out of the video. After a year we came up with a solution and the an app. We collect the video metadata, crowdsource info and image/audio processing to find what people would want to see. Minute project app is the result, and we are going to surprise soon with another magic :)))) I hope it answered your Q. Don't hesitate to ask more. If you have suggestions I would love to hear too. @amitgolans
One of the only entertainment apps I actually enjoyed. Really seamless and fluid product. Kudos!
@drorco Thanks chief! If you have any ideas of making this app even better, I would be happy to hear. What's missing?