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Wow, there's a lot here: - Total Followers - Growth of Total Followers - Gained and Lost Followers - Gender of Followers - Countries of Followers - Cities of Followers - Top Gained Followers - Top Lost Followers - Number of Posts - Interactions - Engagement source - Post Engagement Rate - Profile Engagement Rate - Top Posts by Engagement Rate - Best Time to post - Post types - Most Engaging Post types - Top Photo Filters - Most Engaging Photo Filters - Top Video Filters - Most Engaging Video Filters - Top Tags by Interactions
Wow... this is the first time something I've submitted has made it to the frontpage of Product Hunt. Didn't expect that :) I came across this yesterday while researching Instagram analytics tools, after seeing a lot of people complaining about another app hiking its prices. This seems like an amazing tool at a great price point, with a nice intuitive design that makes it easy to parse through a lot of valuable data points.
Thanks so much, product hunters! Send the secret word “Product Hunt” to to get a 60 day free trial for our max package.
@minter @mike_mntr Are you considering support for larger accounts? I work with a handful in the 2-15 million range, and would be great to get some insight without breaking the bank.
@epicjackson We’ll tailor a plan to fit your needs. Please get in touch with our team at
I think I'm pretty biased in liking this app. Brilliant name...
Also, I've made a collection with some other Instagram analytics tools. Check it out: