Minted Greeting Card Subscription

Never be late sending a greeting card to family & friends

Skip the trip to the store forever—order Minted's NEW greeting card subscription and start with the perfect Mother’s Day card in time to mail it to Mom.

Order by Sunday, May 6th, at 11:59 p.m. PT to receive in time for Mother’s Day on May 13th. And then you will be all set for Father's day and any birthdays or anniversaries

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Hey @mnaficy, Really great idea for helping all of us organize our lives. I'm always late with cards. How do you decide on the artwork for cards?
Genius. How to be thoughtful friend when you have a brain like a sieve.
I was really close to signing up, but wish instead they would ask me for a personal note and mail it to the recipient. They could still default send it to me if I don't provide the required information in time.
@jbalby33 ahh that is exactly what I was going to look into. So it’s all generic and nothing personal I assume. Bummer.
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@jbalby33 - As part of this subscription, Minted will send the greeting cards to you to add your personal note, sign and send/hand it to the recipient. We are still not convinced that people will NOT want to hand write their note for the personal touch - but maybe time will prove us wrong. @stacy_o_connor ^^
@jbalby33 @stacy_o_connor @vineetgupta two different user segments. Ex. my wife buys tons of cards all the time, likes to write them by hand. Myself, I am prone to forgetting to do cards at all. I would love an online GUI to type cards in browser, you use a handwritten font, print and mail on my behalf. Let me add the important people in my life, add the events I want to send cards for. Send me a text message 2 weeks before the next event. Text pushes me write to draft the message, hit send, done. Have tried to hack this together with similar apps like Bond. But not purpose built for keeping up with holidays for family, so need the reminder function to go full circle. I wouldn't mind investing 5-10 minutes upon signup to get the special dates/contacts pre-loaded. I am sure this could be streamlined extremely well. Give me a list of common contacts Mom/Father/Sister/Spouse, etc. I choose from my phone contacts, you suggest dates where applicable, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, add custom for Birthday, etc. For my spouse for example (I live with her :-) ) the mail to option wouldn't make sense. Just ping me 2 weeks ahead of time, let me pick the card style, then mail me the card in a non-descript envelope so she doesn't know what it is, I will hand write it, hand it to her. Just bill with a credit based system, once credits fall below a certain level, then auto-bill me to top of my credits. Buying buckets of credits, the higher gets me more discounts. This would handle the irregularity of card occasions that would be poorly served by a flat subscription, ex. 2 credits a month, or something like that.
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Thanks for the comments @jcwinter!
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