Mint Blockchain

Boilerplate code to build blockchain powered social apps

Mint is a Tendermint based blockchain protocol that lets anyone build social apps easily. Mint was created out of a need for efficient data storage on blockchain. It provides you with a simple boilerplate code for building social communities and gets out of your way quickly.

Here's a guide to coding a blockchain-powered community on freeCodeCamp.

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AbadesiFounder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Thanks for hunting! Tell us more about your mission and what you hope to see as people keep building @fazlerocks @sandeepg33k
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Syed Fazle Rahman
CEO & Co-founder, Hashnode
Hi @abadesi, Mint blockchain is a boilerplate codebase for building social networking apps powered by Tendermint consensus. For example: if you want to build a decentralised facebook or hacker news, you can use mint as the base code. is a demo app built using mint blockchain. It's a Hacker News clone where the data is decentralised and is stored on the blockchain.
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