Mino Monsters 2: Evolution

Hero up and defend the land from impending darkness

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Thanks for submitting! This is the sequel to our 2012 game, Mino Monsters. We've put a lot of ourselves into this product, and excited to finally share it with everybody. Happy to answer any questions or take feedback :)
@joshbuckley Loved the original. Looking forward to diving in and seeing what is new. What system or new feature did your team spend the most time developing/polishing to get just "right?"
@ryan_olsen Thanks Ryan! We've experimented with a lot of features, and iterated the game with many systems/features that came in and out over time. I would say the game's "core loop" is the system our team put the most energy into. It's changed into many variations until we could find something that would keep people coming back for more every day :)