Hand-press your own fresh espresso anywhere

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I'll admit, I might get a little cranky if I don't have my morning coffee (in part because I get headaches without my caffeine fix). This looks great for camping, but as far a I can tell, it doesn't heat the coffee and for the use cases this hopes to serve, hot water is rarely accessible.
@rrhoover hot water is always accessible. As a frequent backpacker and rock climber, you always have a portable mini-stove and a camelbacks of water.
@alexhorre "rarely accessible" was a bad choice of words. You're right that a well-prepared camper/backpacker will have a stove or access to hot water but that does take a bit of effort and the Minipresso's primary value prop (imho) is ease of access. Maybe a future version will also heat the water through battery power or kinetic energy. :)
@rrhoover @alexhorre Not sure how many campers would be serious enough to have this problem, but not have solved this problem for themselves already. "Glamping" IS catching on, so... maybe! But it seems like this is one of those services that touts aspirational use cases, then in reality mostly serves the busy yuppie crowd :)
This is cool, but wondering how it'll ultimately compare to the AeroPress.
@adii To my taste it makes better espresso than the AeroPress.
Interesting idea. Looks like lots of moving parts and lots to clean. Love seeing innovation in this field though.
@hybrid_alex exactly what I thought.
Nice camping companion. 🌲 ☕ Estimated delivery in early 2015, though?