Payments for products with a unique link πŸ”—

Minipay helps makers & creators to collect payments for products & services. Share it and get paid!

πŸŽ‚ Test your products. Quickest way to validate your creations is when a customer pays for it.

πŸ‘» Snapchat, IG, Facebook. Sell directly to your followers with a link

πŸ’°No store required. Skip checkouts & get paid

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Hello Product Hunters! We started Minipay after searching for an easy way to collect payments for products – without creating an online shop, invoice or storefront. Not all sellers need the bells and whistles of an online ecommerce platform, nor want to commit to a monthly subscription fee. We saw that creators were using Instagram and Facebook feeds as their storefront and selling directly to their follower based, so we wanted to create a simple way to collect payments – using a link! We would love your feedback - thank you!
@kawaiso hold up. So, Stripe doesn't already have this functionality?
@chrissavoie Even the simplest payment interface offered by Stripe requires some coding effort ( Not all sellers want to build their own integration to their website. Also, there are a few full-featured online shopping platforms like Shopify that offer both the online store and Stripe integration. We wanted to create the simplest way to collect payments. With just a product name, price, email and a Stripe Account – you are ready to sell!
This is awesome. Reminds me of Square's cashtag and PayPal's "me" links. Great job!