Mining 4 Charity is an effort to get miners to redirect their hashpower temporarily to some charitable efforts. We'll cash the mined cryptocurrency in for fiat and donate to the organization as presented on the home page. New charity every 2 weeks, polls for community selection soon.

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Thank you :)
Despite the cause being so kind, it will be quite difficult to convince miners to use their hashpower in such way, since most of them made some solid investments and expect a fair profit in exchange. One of the ways to help this project work is to contact cloud mining websites and try to cooperate. Maybe even create some special mining promocodes that will distribute extra money between them and charity. Upvoted the project, great work!
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Co-organizer here. This is just a hobby project, we're really looking to make it almost self-maintaining with occasional updates to the poll to select new charities, but we'd love for it to pick up steam. We know we can make a difference, and the crypto angle makes the effort globally accessible.
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