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Fitness as a Service for busy startuppers. (FaaS)

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It's *virtual* personal training + nutrition. I'm in their winter cohort and it's been life-changing. (Not a hyperbole.) Created by @dicktalens + co.
@dicktalens @skinnyandbald Ben! can you tell us more about how the cohort works? what exactly are you doing + what are your goals?
@skinnyandbald @eriktorenberg Hi Erik! With MVF folks are interested in fat loss despite being relatively sedentary throughout the day. At the start, we take a look at your current nutrition and total amount of activity then give you a custom diet/training program that fits around your life (and not vice versa), as well as ongoing coaching on how to handle specific events such as happy hours with coworkers or how to stay fit around a product launch. Most people will find that they can be successful with only 45 mins, 3 days/week of training, while never missing a beat due to the constraints of startup life.
@skinnyandbald @dicktalens what about skinny people who wanna get a bit stronger? it's for a friend i swear :P
@skinnyandbald @eriktorenberg Hahah don't worry... I too have a friend who's always asking questions like this. :) Happens to be the 2nd highest use case. I personally coach all of the classes on MVF so my philosophy on that is here if you're interested:
The 60% off initiation fee expires at midnight today, so please fill out the questionnaire if you're interested and mention Product Hunt!
Hi all :) I'm the maker of Minimum Viable Fitness. Happy to answer any questions! For 60% of the initiation fee, fill out the MVF questionnaire on the site to make sure that the program is a good fit for you, and just mention Product Hunt somewhere in there. A little backstory myself / why we created MVF... I used to be a former obese/fat kid who lost a lot of weight and spent the last decade obsessing over fitness and becoming a fitness coach. Since leaving my first startup Fitocracy, I've switched all of my time to fitness coaching and am also the health/fitness writer at Lifehacker. While I was starting Fitocracy, I noticed that it seemed like I had two choices... stay healthy/fit OR pour all of my time into a startup. Knowing that I had to come up with another option--otherwise see my startup fail or revert back to my old self--I created a set of startup-metrics based rules that govern one's fitness. This has been tested and iterated on through many of my clients and is being formalized through Minimum Viable Fitness. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!
@dicktalens This is dope. I finished insanity a few months ago (it was brutal) and your program seems really effective. One thing that worked for me was cutting out simple carbs and sugars (basically, anything that can spike my blood sugar). The other thing was working out before breakfast. I found that would boost my metabolism throughout the day. The big problem I see is motivation. Most people won't finish. So how do you keep your users motived to "avoid that sugary snack"? Or to "complete today's workout" when their will power is used up? Finally, what's the unique thing that your program is offering? Your core value proposition "Fitness Metrics that Matter" is not very clear but I'm sure you know what you are doing. Also, User acquisition in the fitness market is really brutal. How are you managing that? Great job so far. I wish you the best.
@felixog_ Hey man! Awesome questions. :) So the first thing I'd do is debunk some common assertions, which you've already done, e.g. fasted training which may have some benefits. (For other people listening, here's the science on why breakfast isn't always necessary and for busy people like us, learning to go without it can be a time saver: The main problem is that most people think that they need xyz in order to get fit. The reality is that the list of requirements is probably smaller than you think, and it's important to cull them into the most important ones. For example, eliminating sugar... while it does probably reduce your caloric intake to reduce sugar, too many people completely eliminate sugar altogether rather than figure out how to incorporate it into the correct context. If you consume sugar after a bout of resistance training, for example, it doesn't have the same impact on blood sugar. What you'll find is that if you really do maximize your ROI you can get fit without the necessary pain of something like an Insanity. (I don't condone the amount of drinking that I list in this article, lol. It's my own personal vice) In terms of metrics to measure, here's an example of a post on properly keeping tabs on the scale metric: And a longer one: As far as the unique thing that's being offered... there's no one thing, but if I may toot my horn I think that the differentiator is that I've coached thousands of people at this point and have seen it all--let alone gone through my own of losing weight/staying fit while being uber busy. The difference is that if there is any way to get fit while you're working 80 hours and running around everywhere, it's in MVF's curriculum and my coaching. I'd challenge that another program out there can accomplish this. Some sorely outdated client testimonials from me (haven't updated in a while):
@dicktalens Awesome stuff. Your value proposition is much clearer to me now. You are offering a way to get fit and healthy for people who don't necessarily have the time to do so. You're targeting the same market BeachBody is targeting with "FocusT25". Hopefully, with a better product. Also, the "bootcamp" model is really interesting. "Fat to Fit (or Slim to Ripped) in 16 weeks". I like it. I'll keep and eye on what you are doing and see if I can add some value later. Thanks for the detailed reply btw.
Note: Some folks have had issues with -- try going to if it doesn't work for you. Looking into the issue!
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