Minimo Wallet

The wallet reinvented. Innovative design and customisable.

Slim, secure and simple.
Minimo is a unique wallet both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.
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Not relevant to the newest version while still relevant to your company, I noticed that most Kickstarter comments were left unanswered: Not a great deal of support there.
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@footer We talked to those people privately through messages on Kickstarter so their issues were definitely resolved - though it certainly doesn't look good in the comments section! Will fix that. Regarding the comments about the band snapping - our first ones weren't the best quality but they're now a MUCH higher quality silicone, shaped to fit the wallet perfectly and they're much stretchier too. So we now rarely, if ever, hear about them tearing :)
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It says innovative design, but there's a ton of minimal wallets that look like this, my brother even has something similar.


It's kinda cool looking


Design is like most minimal wallets

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Hi Hunters! We created the Minimo wallet when minimalist wallets were popping up everywhere. They often seemed over complicated or so basic that removing cards was a hassle. Our goal was to create a minimalist wallet that was as small and simple as possible while being super functional and easy to use. In a world of black, brown and grey wallets, we also wanted to add a pop of colour! (Though we have, of course, included the classic colours too). It's made of 3 aircraft grade aluminium plates, held together with a high quality silicone band. Each component comes in 15 colours and we have a wallet builder on our website allowing for complete customisation. Cards are super easy to access - just push and squeeze. They'll fan out, make it simple and quick to find exactly the one you want, even if it's right in the middle. Our innovative middle plate serves two functions. It makes sure cards are completely secure in the wallet, making it near impossible for them to slip out while adding an extra layer of RFID protection. It also creates two compartments allowing for a surprising amount of organisation in such a small wallet. The way it's designed means you can access all your cards at once or just one compartment if you prefer. The wallet was designed with size in mind and the dimensions are just bigger than the cards themselves, making sure they're fully covered but with no wasted space. The corners are rounded to prevent the wallet digging into fabric and creating marks. You can comfortably carry from 1-10 cards and can store cash in between them or underneath the silicone band. This is one of the few wallets that will securely hold just 1 card and the silicone will never stretch out meaning you can fill and empty it and it will stay as secure as ever. The aluminium plates protect you from RFID theft. If you need to, you can store contactless cards (such as access or travel cards) on the outside of the aluminium. While we've been around a little while now, we've made huge improvements to our wallet and we've never really done anything like this to really get the word out there. Sorry to ramble on but wanted to include as much information as possible for anyone interested! Let me know if you have any questions :)
dig the site layout and copy. Did you guys design in house?
So many talented designers wasting their time on non-problems that already have 100 solutions.