Minimize Email

Anonymously tell coworkers when they send too many emails πŸ™Š

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Aaah, could have called it Mailnimizer.
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@hristiyandodov wow, that's even better!
@gonsanchezs Minimailzer
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@angus_halen I'm pretty proud of my domain name ( anyways πŸ˜†
Love the gif you've chosen <3!
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Hey, Product Hunt! Glad to be featured in the homepage today ❀️ This tool was born out of frustration with a freelance client who sends way too many emails. I'm a fan of doing calm, deep and meaningful work and that wasn't happening. On top of that, I've been meaning to polish my Ruby on Rails skills, so I decided to scratch my own itch and Minimize Email was born 🍼 Questions? Let me know!
yes. yes. yes. now just something similar needed for the kids when they asked too many questions, while im balanced 15 feet high, on a ladder, on the tiptoes of one foot
Yo! Why can't you unsubscribe if you get one? Need to fix your email dude
@mikaela_larsson looking into it! sorry 😞
@gonsanchezs yes I emailed the company you're using to send out the email (thats where the link in the email goes btw) and so far they're saying that they can't unsubscribe it from their end and you need to set it up. It's really annoying to not be able to unsubscribe. Please let me know when it's fixed.
@mikaela_larsson feel free to DM (in Twitter) your email, and I'll manually unsubscribe you. According to SendGrid, it's supposed to be working...
@gonsanchezs @mikaela_larsson why how many emails does it send? is it really spamming you that much?